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WEEK 36th 2003

Thursday, 4th of September, 2003

Hansapank stock on a new record level
Yesterday, Hansapank stock rose 4.27% to a new record level of EEK 344.23. Turnover of the stock reached EEK 30.1 million. Over two thirds of the turnover came from an arranged trade, in which 60,000 stocks exchanged owners.

Wednesday, 3rd of September, 2003

Analysts: GDP to grow 4.2 – 4.8% in the Q2
Hansapank expects GDP to grow 4.8% in the Q2 this year. Ühispank prognosticates the growth to be 4.2%.

Tuesday, 2nd of September, 2003

Value of Hansapank rose over EEK 25 billion
Yesterday, market share of Hansapank rose over the level of EEK 25 billion. Hansapank share increased by 3.5% up to EEK 323.89. Interest to buy was probably caused by ING that raised the fair target price and profit prognosis.

ING sees an opportunity for Hansapank share to rise
ING, the biggest Dutch bank in terms of market value, is optimistic about the share of Hansapank, raising a fair target price from EEK 297 to EEK 357. ING is convinced that Hansapank is one of the most successful banks in the region of Eastern Europe. Expenses are in control, quality of loans is good and prospects for business are promising. ING raised also Hansapank's annual profit expectations from EEK 1.93 billion to EEK 2.03 billion and recommend buying the share. William Vincent, analyst of ING admitted that the expectations of the bank are justified.

Construction market continues to flourish
In the Q2 this year, construction in Estonia increased by 9% compared to same period last year. Aare Neudorf, CEO of Harju Construction admits that local construction market has been growing continuously for the past three years. Taivo Tähti from construction company Rand & Tuulberg notes that September 14 will definitely influence construction that would grow 8% in 2003 if Estonia joins the European Union.

Saturday, 3rd of September, 2003

Half-year turnover of Central Cooperative of Estonian Consumers Cooperations reached EEK 1.9 billion
Gross turnover of Central Cooperative of Estonian Consumers Cooperations' system increased by 5.3% reaching nearly EEK 2 billion compared to first half-year in 2002.
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