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WEEK 33rd 2003

Friday, 15th of August, 2003

Standard increased sales and profit
In the Q2, AS Standard, the manufacturer of furniture, earned EEK 1.9 million of net profit with the sales of EEK 32.4 million.
Last year same time, sales reached EEK 27.9 million, but the company was in EEK 0.05 million loss. According to Mati Peekma, the director of economics in Standard, increase of profit and sales was due to the increase of retail and export.

Thursday, 14th of August, 2003

Estonian Gas increased profit and turnover
In the Q2, Estonian Gas earned EEK 19.6 million of net profit and turnover reached EEK 212.5 million. Last year same time, profit of Estonian Gas was EEK 5 million and turnover EEK 157.8 million.

Wednesday, 13th of August, 2003

Turnover of Mistra-Autex increased by half
Q2 net turnover of AS Mistra-Autex, the manufacturer of synthetic car mats and accessories, totaled in EEK 52.4 million, which is by EEK 19.7 million more than last year same time. The company earned EEK 3.9 million of profit in the Q2. Last year, the company was in EEK 1 million loss.

Tuesday, 12th of August, 2003

Tallegg increased turnover
Turnover of AS Tallegg, Estonia's greatest poultry meat manufacturer, was EEK 258.1 million in the first semester, and profit reached EEK 12.3 million.
Last year, turnover of the first semester reached EEK 245.8 million and profit EEK 22.3 million. According to Kalvar Kase, chairman of Tallegg, the objective of the company is to become Baltic leading manufacturer of poultry. The sale of production increased by 36% in Latvian and 10% in Lithuanian market.

Monday, 11th of August, 2003

Food manufacturers under the pressure of trade
Despite a strong price-pressure of trade, food industry managed to earn profit in the first semester of the year. Ösel Foods, the manufacturer of drinks, earned the greatest profit. Turnover of Ösel Foods totalled EEK 110 million and profit reached EEK 16 million. Profit of Ösel Foods increased over two times in a year. The company admits that profit was mainly due to a success of Aura ACE vitamin drinks, which sales was 3.5 times bigger in the first six months than last year same time. Tallinn Milk Industry grew profit by almost 50%. Profit of the Tallinn Milk Industry reached EEK 10 million.

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