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WEEK 28th 2003

Friday, 11th of July 2003

Yesterday Hansa share did not have any equivalence
Yesterday Hansapank share dominated the Stock Exchange. Especially in near the end of the day hardly anybody could compete with the share. The turnover of the share made up to 22 million kroons and comprised 88% of the Stock Exchange turnover of the day. The value of the share increased by 1,4% to 283,99 kroons.

Thursday, 10th of July 2003

Computer merchandise prices decrease
According to the statistical data, provided by Estonia's biggest computer wholesaler GNT, this year computer sales increased by several times, at the same time the price of computer merchandise dropped by 20-60%. According to GNT the price of laptops decreased by one fourth and its sales increased by 2,5 times. The sales of digital cameras grew by five times, at the same time camera price dropped by 50%.
(Eesti Päevaleht)

Estonia rates 16th on the chart of economic freedom
Economic freedom rating chart, which is comprised of 123 countries, shows that in a year Estonia moved form a 41st position to 16th place. Now it is ahead of Germany, Norway, Sweden and Japan. Being an Eastern-European country Estonia now stands on a highest place.
(Eesti Päevaleht)

Wednesday, 9th of July 2003

Tallinn Port successfully survived cruel winter
First half of the year shows that in spite of harsh winter the amount of goods transported through Tallinn Port increased. Marketing director of Tallinn Port, Erik Sakkov comments the first six months saying that the port successfully lived through a long winter. General overview shows that even though petroleum product transit decreased, transit of other goods increased. If in 2002 Tallinn Port transported 19,3 million tons of goods, in 2003 it transited 19,4 million tons.

News in one sentence
During Beer Festival last week, Hansapank had a record number of subscriptions for mobile phone payment service – 1177 people signed agreements with Hansapank.
(Eesti Päevaleht)

Tuesday, 8th of July 2003

Inflation remains on the record low level
In June 2003 goods and services rose in price by 0,3% if compared with last June. The inflation reached its record low level since the regaining of Estonia's independence. The increase of prices slowed down mainly due to the decrease of food and motor fuel prices. Trigon Capital analytic, Toomas Reisenbuk considers such low inflation rate surprising and very beneficial for the economy. Ühispank's head analytic, Sven Kunsing also thinks that the latest statistical numbers are positively surprising.

Monday, 7th of July 2003

Biggest interest towards Hansa at EEK 279,29
On Friday Hansapank contributed the biggest part (87%) to the profit of the Stock Exchange. Majority of Hansapank shares were traded at EEK 279, 29. The value of Hansapank share increased by 0,11% to 278,82 kroons pre share. But investors were most satisfied when the share price went up to 279, 29 kroons, at that point 99% of the shares were exchanged.

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