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WEEK 24th 2003

Turnover of Puumarket is 25,1 million kroons
Q1 turnover results of Puumarket company exceeded 25,1 million kroons. Net profit accounted for 0,1 million kroons. Same time last year the turnover of Puumarket was 24,2 million and net profit was 0,04 million kroons.

The turnover of Bang & Bonsomer grew
Q1 turnover results of Bang & Bonsomer Eesti were 24,3 million kroons. In comparison with last year the turnover grew by 2,7 million kroons. Companyís member of the management board admitted that the growth of turnover was predicted due to the overall growth of Estonian industry.

The turnover of Farm Plant Eesti grew by 33%
Q1 turnover results of Farm Plant Eesti exceeded 74,9 million kroons, which is by 33% more than last year. First quarter net profit of the enterprise was 1,8 million kroons of. The company invested 0,1 million in its business.
(Eesti Päevaleht)

Thursday, 12th of June, 2003

Kraft: Estonia wants to unite with Euro as soon as possible
The president of Eesti Pank, Vahur Kraft assured that Estonia wishes to unite with European Monetary Union (EMU) and with Euro currency as soon as possible. He added that the transition form kroons to Euros is planned for 2006 and if the EU referendum succeeds, Central Bank along with the government will start immediate preparations for the transition.
(Eesti Päevaleht)

Wednesday, 11th of June, 2003

Kunda port had a record increase in turnover
Operating for already eight years, Kunda port produced the highest in history turnover in May 2003. Port managed 212,4 000 tones of export goods, which is twice as much than in the middle of May last year.
Kunda port belongs to AS Kunda Nordic Tsement. Since 1994 the enterprise invested over 200 million kroons into the port. Kunda port manages over third of Estonian wood and paper export and 77% of cement export.
(Eesti Päevaleht)

In one sentence
IF Eesti Kindlustus collected in may 63 million kroons of insurance fees, which is 19% more than in the respective period in 2002. Insurance premiums made up to 31 million kroons or 12% more than last year.
(Eesti Päevaleht)

Tuesday 10th of June, 2003

Car sales moves to a new record
May brought a new car sales record of 1480 cars. This is fourth largest car sales result. In comparison with April it was sold two cars less and in comparison with the respective period last year it was sold 98 cars less. However, car sales for the past five months show that in comparison with the respective period last year it was sold 200 over the record. Most popular car of May was Mazda 6, which sold 79 cars.
(Eesti Päevaleht)

Monday, 9th of June, 2003

Biggest turnover after 1997
Last week the turnover of Tallinn Stock Exchange was the biggest after 1997. The turnover of 23rd week was 844 million kroons. In 1997, 35th weekís turnover of Tallinn Stock Exchange reached 933 million kroons.

Producers of building materials are on the rise
The Q1 results of Estonian building material producers clearly show growth tendencies. Larger part of the growth was attributed to export. Commercial director of Krimelte company, Jaanus Paeväli, admits that the double growth results are surprising. 90% of Krimelteís production is exported to Russia and Ukraine as well as Japan.

Problems to satisfy foreign money demand
If before it was written that Estonian market does not have money and investors, now the interest of Investors is increasing as well as the flow of foreign money. It is now the time for the Estonian companies to use the money from the stock exchange beneficially. For example: foreign demand increased the share price of Hansapank form EEK 244.09 on 06.03.2003 to EEK 283.80 on 06.06.2003.

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