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WEEK 23rd 2003

Friday 6th of June, 2003

Estonian export growth outperformed imports in April
According to preliminary data, Estonian exports went up 8 percent in a year by April data. Imports were 5 percent higher than in April 2002.
Compared to March 2003, exports went up 2 percent. Month-on-month imports were also up 2 percent. Compared to March 2003, there was an increase mainly in the exports of metals and metal products, wood and wood products, raw materials and chemical industry products.

Thursday 5th of June, 2003

Stock exchange had a biggest turnover in history
Yesterday the turnover of Tallinn stock exchange reached EEK 371,5 million, which is the highest turnover in the history of seven years. Last record on the stock exchange was on August 29, 1997 when the turnover reached EEK 302,8 million.

Mazda6 increased the turnover of car sales
Mazda, Audi and Kia can be proud of the Q1 sales results, however, the biggest profit was earned by Mercedes-Benz. Mazda sales grew by 77% making up to 353 new cars. Car sales also rose for Toyota and Citroen.

Wednesday 4th of June, 2003

Hot month in the market of housing loans
Moe than 2,600 clients or 124 clients a day signed housing loan contracts in Estonian banks last month. Hansapank increased its housing loans volume by 41% from 262 million kroons to 370 million.

Tallinn Airport broke record in May
In May Tallinn Airport had a record number of passengers. In comparison with last year, the number of passengers rose by 16,2% reaching 63 100 travelers. For the past five months of this year altogether 266 637 passengers went through the airport; this is 11,3% more than during the respective period last year.

Two shares reached a record
Yesterday Hansapank and Merko Ehitus reached another all-time high share price record. The share of Hansapank rose by 1,75%, leaving only EEK 1,15 to go to the magical amount of EEK 300. Merko shares rose by 5,3% reaching EEK 105,61 per share.

Tuesday 3rd of June, 2003

Hansapank share reached a new record
Yesterday the share of Hansapank rose to a new high on Tallinn Stock Exchange. The Hansa share rose astonishing 17% reaching an all-time high of EEK 293,69. The share of Hansapank was continuously rising. However, the head of the bank, Indrek Neivelt warns that banks should be more realistic and careful in giving out the loans.
(Eesti Päevaleht)

Construction market increased by 15%
The Q1 results of Estonian and foreign construction companies showed a 1,5% increase compared with the same period last year. According to statistics department, Estonian construction rose by 7%. The total value of building amounted to EEK 2,5 billion.

Internet advertising market grew by one quarter
By the end of the year Internet advertising market grew by 24% up to EEK 22 million. The leaders of the market this year are Neti and Hot that have the highest growth and belong to Eesti Telefon.

Monday 2nd of June, 2003

Car distributors had a successful quarter
Cad distributors increased the sales and profits in the first quarter. The Q1 turnover of AS Saksa Auto reached EEK 75,6 million, which is by EEK 1 million more than a year ago. During the first quarter of the year Volkswagen made up to EEK 1,3 million net profit (profit in the same period of 2002 constituted to EEK 1,2 million. Q1 investments of Saksa Auto reached EEK 11 million. AS ELKE Auto sold in the first quarter 181motor cars, 4 trucks and 66 used cars.

The plans of the buyer of Preaton Pank perished
The plans of Hansahouse to buy Preaton Pank, which just a few months ago were in bloom, faded away in a weekend. Last week the entire staff of Hansahouse, including the head of Hansahouse, marketing director, financial director and other specialists, had left the company. Only two employees remained in the company- the CEO, Finn Juul and his secretary. The acting director of Hansahouse, Kaia Kirs refused to comment on why most employees left the company Net assets of Hansahouse make up to EEK 100 000 koons. Hansahouse planed to buy 9,9% of Preaton Pank's shares. Norwegian investors planed to buy the remaining shares.

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