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WEEK 22nd 2003

Friday 30th of May, 2003

A new 32-month record turnover of stock exchange
Turnover of stock exchange on Wednesday reached up to EEK 158.5 million, which is the biggest indicator of the last 32 months.
Hansapank share closed on a new record level - EEK 287.12. The share increased by 0.6%.

Domestic market to increase Liviko sales
Q1 net turnover of Liviko totaled in EEK 127.9 million, which is 28% bigger than in the Q1 of 2002. Net profit of the spirits factory was EEK 6.2 million in the Q1. The capacity of export sales was EEK 9.7 million. According to Eve Kuldma from Liviko, sales increased due to the growth of domestic market.

Thursday 29th of May, 2003

The world's most expensive stock exchange company is Microsoft
Microsoft is a company with the world's greatest market value and Hansapank is on the 25th place among Eastern European companies, appears in the new ranking of Financial Times.
Although Estonian companies do not fit in the global ranking, Hansapank is on the 25th place in the ranking of Eastern European companies. There are also other Estonian companies in the ranking of 50 most expensive Eastern European enterprises. Estonian Telecom has moved from last year's 41st place up to 35th place.

Hansapank over EEK 285
Yesterday, the share of Hansapank rose again to its new record level, reaching over EEK 285 for the first time in history. The share increased by 3.1% up to EEK 285.39 (EUR 18.24). According to Romet Tepper from Hansabank Markets, the share increased due to small liquidity.

Tuesday 27th of May, 2003

Estrefrtansservice turnover up by 40%
Q1 net turnover of AS Estrefrtansservice increased by 40% reaching up to EEK 22.1 million. The company that expedites cargo and organises railroad freight, earned EEK 0.03 million of net profit. A year ago, the company was in loss with EEK 0.8 million.

Facio built for EEK 2 billion in 15 years
During the 15 years of functioning, Facio has built dwellings for EEK 2 billion. Last year's net turnover of Facio Construction was EEK 263.6 million and profit reached up to EEK 7 million. The greatest objects were apartment buildings in Tallinn, Nõmme swimming pool, Laagri sports establishment etc.

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