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Online since May 1998.
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Oy Compiler Ab (Ltd) Helsinki Finland

A portal focusing on the emerging Eastern European markets

Compiler's mission is to deliver specialized and qualified information, leads and business contacts for local companies and the international business community. We are committed to activating and assisting international trade in the European parts of Russia, the Baltic countries and Poland.

As a non-governmental organization, we independently support initiatives and actions for cross-border cooperation and partnership in the market area covered - not for trade administration and bureaucracy, but pure business.

Compiler's service idea is simple and solid. We provide our visitors well selected information according to the principle "Made by Managers for Managers". We brief you for real business action.

Compiler's audience

Since its startup in 1998, the Compiler portal has successfully reached a wide global business audience. By June 2001, we have had visitors from 87 counties all over the world. The site has so far been most popular among Finnish, Russian, Swedish, US, Canadian, German, British, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish companies and organizations.

The portal has a great deal of loyal and permanent visitors, many of them being Fortune 500 corporations or otherwise nationally or internationally respected companies.

Compiler's global accessibility, comprehensive and continuously updated information plus open-to-all entry has made it a popular and recommended site on the platforms of other trade portals. We are also highly ranked in the leading international search engines.

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Commercial contacts:
Klaus Lehmuskallio