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    We offer simple and straightforward media applications for advertisers and corporate communicators. Our services are easy to understand, buy and execute.
    Compiler's media offers are:

    * Sponsorship (total portal sections or special information files)
    * Banner advertising with varying placements (just three standard formats)
    * Advertorials (banners with supplementary, instant access infomation pages)
    * Categorized classifieds
    * Booking periods from 1-12 months
    * Animation and other features negotatible

    Advertisements on our pages are an essential part of the total content. The advertisements are considered by visitors to be useful information, similar to the editorial content. That's why the exposure of the banners is exceptionally high, by any measure. Compiler can really boost the traffic on your website!

    Compiler's Shop
    We can act as a local redistributor in Finland for business information products, both printed and online. The products must, however, be qualified and fit into the framework of the portal and match the profile of Finnish visitors.

    Examples of acceptable products:
    * Business directories
    * Maps
    * Special business reports
    * Business publications
    * Seminars and conferences

    Compiler's affliate program
    We are open for any serious suggestions from potential "sister sites". The partnership or cooperation could cover: · Link exchage · Banner exchange · Exchange of editorial news and features · Banner media brokerage

    Compiler's search & find services
    Are you interested in the EU-based Finnish market, right next to the border of Russia? Are you looking for Finnish gateway services and other transit trade facilities? How about a reliable Finnish provider or partner in the Eastern European markets, one that is locally well-established? There are many of these, and we know who they are.
    Compiler can assist you as an on-demand task force. Market information and evaluations, leads and contacts - just make an enquiry!

    Other publications by Oy Compiler Ab
    Compiler's other information products include:
    * Idänkaupan Vientipalvelut newsletter ("Eastern Trade Services"), printed and online, founded in 1994 (Finnish version only)
    * Suomalaisyritykset Venäjällä survey, a biannual study of Finnish companies on the Russian market, published since 1996 (English version also available)

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Contact information:
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Mobil +358 (0) 443 562646

Commercial contacts:
Klaus Lehmuskallio