Eastern European Markets
Eastern European Markets
The Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland
- Finnish companies´experiences on the applicant country markets

The survey "Poland and Estonia on the road to EU membership" carrried out by the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland, charts the experiences and expectations of Finnish companies on the Polish and Estonian markets as the countries prepare for EU membership.

Problems in the business environment are still abundant

According to Finnish companies operating in Poland and Estonia, the business environments and markets in both countries have developed in a positive direction compared to previous years. Despite the positive development, there is need for further inprovement in the functionality of the countries´ markets as business operations are still affected by trade barriers, a less efficient insfrastructure, an unstable economic policy situation and corruption.

The companies estimate that it will take Poland approximately 12 years and Estonia about 10.5 years to reach the average business environment level of Finland and the EU. The estimates of the companies operating in Poland and Estonia regarding time needed for reforms mainly point to how extensive the structural change is that must take place in the applicant countries.

Although the EU is ready to receive new members in 2003, the companies´ estimates of the development of business environments in Poland and Estonia would place the time of membership at a later date.

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