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Dezhina, Irina - Peltola, Kaisa-Kerttu
International Learning in Innovation Area: Finnish Experience for Russia
Electronic Publications of Pan-European Institute 10/2008

Download the publication in PDF format.

Executive summary

International learning is a sign of globalization of national innovation systems. In most countries, even with different economic environments, common processes are developing in innovation systems, such as: convergence of priorities in science and technology, development of interdisciplinarity, growing mobility of researchers, appearance of new forms of organization of R&D, first of all – development of networking, and such. Under these circumstances benchmarking and mutual learning became more important in government decision-making then before.

In the paper two innovation systems – Russian and Finnish – are analyzed in comparative perspective that allows revealing differences and similarities, as well as strengths and problematic areas in organization of R&D, its financing, governance and innovation policy implementation at the government level, and in approaches to international learning.

The study reveals areas where mutual learning is the most beneficial for both countries, which instruments may be used in order to foster commercial application of R&D results, and organizational forms in which R&D may be developed most productively. A concrete example of Finnish participation in Russian innovation system is evaluated in the case of development of Technopolis technopark project in St.-Petersburg.

The case shows that the expansion of such international operators with experience of building effective innovation infrastructure and cooperation networks may create mutual benefits for Russian and Finnish as well as other international operators. Another important aspect exemplified by the case is the cooperation and creation of networks with different levels of the national innovation systems involved in the innovation development. The case of Technopolis shows that involvement and support of local administration is important and sometimes may be crucial for the progress of foreign project in Russia.

Download the publication in PDF format.

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