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Vahtra, Peeter & Zashev, Peter:
Russian automotive manufacturing sector – an industry snapshot for foreign component manufacturers
Electronic Publications of Pan-European Institute 6/2008

Download the publication in PDF format.


The Russian car market continues to grow rapidly. Along with China, Russia is the world’s fastest-growing market for passenger cars. Despite the impressive growth throughout the past five years, the 2007 market indicators exceeded those of 2006 by more than 30%. According to a wide range of industry estimations, the growth will remain notably strong over the next five years, with the size of the market estimated to exceed 5 million cars by 2012. In addition, Russia is one of the key drivers of the global automotive production growth. According to recent estimations, Russia will contribute 10–15% of the global car manufacturing growth and some 20% of the global car sales increase by 2015.

Apart from the continued trend of shifting from domestic to foreign brands, the past two years have brought a notable shift toward a higher price segment. Throughout the 2007, foreign car manufacturers continued to establish production bases in Russia and extended their manufacturing and dealer networks. According to the 2008 survey by Ernst & Young, enhancing the regional presence was a key trend in the industry in 2007. The strong development of the Russian car manufacturing industry has benefitted the both the foreign manufacturers and brand dealers and regions with concentration of foreign assembly plants alike. In 2007, more than 10 foreign automotive car producers established manufacturing facilities in Russia. In addition, several strategic partnerships were formed in the course of 2007, both between the domestic manufacturers and the Russian and foreign producers alike.

Download the publication in PDF format.

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