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Kaartemo, Valtteri (ed.)
New role of Russian enterprises in international business
Electronic Publications of Pan-European Institute 17/2007

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It is foremost the Russian Federal government who gives or does not give the possibilities and facilities for the region to operate. That is, the necessities for (international) cooperation are created here. The secondary relation that the region looking for international co-operation has is then most likely the EU-level. However, this relation between the region and the European Union level is in a way a possibility that is offered to few regions of Russian Federation through different EU financing instruments.

Within these two spheres of combinations, the necessities offered by the state level and the possibilities offered by the EU-level, lie the special economic zones. They can be thus considered as to be the “extreme regions” of Russian Federation, as they today are the ones having perhaps the best prerequisites for international co-operation and integration within Russian Federation.

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