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Brunat, Eric:
Issues of professional development of labour resources in the Kaliningrad region
Electronic Publications of Pan-European Institute 14/2007

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Conclusions: a path forward in Kaliningrad?

The processes of the transformation of the economy and, as a result of this, the arising
new challenges connected with the necessity of the human potential quality improvement become particularly apparent in isolated communities/territories, and the Kaliningrad region is among them. The most efficient way to liquidate the existing misbalance in the region and to diminish the high transaction coats, is to re-establish an institutional basis for the continuous education, training and retraining of adults during their whole life. It is necessary to do it by uniting the efforts of the regional community on the basis of public-private partnership principles (co-financing, system projecting and programme-target management, and cooperation at the national and international levels). Fast dissemination of actual knowledge and modern technologies into the sphere of the initial professional education (college and university level) will become an additional consequence of the implementation of the continuous education system for adults in the region (see McAllister 1997; Biltchak & alii 2000; Brunat 2006a).

There are essential preconditions for the successful solving of the problems of the professional training and retraining of the labour resources. The hindering factors are the disconnection of the academic community, weak technical basis of the higher educational institutions and insufficient use of active teaching methods. It is also of crucial importance to better link the academic sphere with business and the public sector, in order to adapt and modernize the supply of higher education, post-graduate education and the quality of expertise for creating and enlarging the demand of knowledge, innovation and service. This could contribute to attracting investment, and to sustaining the economic growth to be then translated to an attractive human development (Brunat 2004).

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