Studies Eastern European Markets
Eastern European Markets
January 2007

Tauno Tiusanen, Martin Keim
Publication 35, NORDI Series
ISBN 952-214-307-3 (paperback)
ISBN 952-214-308-1 (PDF)
ISSN 1459-6679
33 s.
Lappeenranta, 2006

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This short report deals with structural issues in transitional Russia, which creates more and more wealth via energy bearers, but is still heavily dependent on food imports. The rural economy has not yet fully recovered from the Soviet era ravages. At the same time, the relative importance of the Russian economy in the global scene has increased due to her oil and natural gas wealth.

In the seven decades of Soviet power an urban society with complex created. The system of central planning had devastating effect were neglected in all sectors of the Soviet system. Thus, high intensities came into being in all communist societies. The transition is to improve living standard via rational use of available Russia inherited the big bulk of Soviet energy resources.

Thus, the net exporters of energy-bearing materials, while EU has a energyimporting dependency. The latter has plenty of know-how in technologies, by which the former could cut down her energy intensity. advantageous deals could be made in the energy sector. Decreasing would automatically enhance her exportable surpluses of energy.

As shown above in this short report, EU is not the only region in energy import. On the supply side, conventional energy bearers globally limited reserves left which seem to be in depletion. Final hardly be estimated in exact terms. One scenario of this topic is selected.

Thus, there is a very high probability that energy demand exceeds economy in the next couple of decades which tends to put pressure Global energy market will be volatile in the immediate future.

Download the publication in PDF format.

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