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Eastern European Markets
Kari Liuhto - Alari Purju - Pekka Itämeri

- The EU´s Northern Dimension and the Energy Sector in the Baltic States and and in Russia
Lappeenranta University of Technology. Studies in Industrial Engineering and Management. 2000, N:o 10

    How effectively the northern dimension can be implemented finally depends on actions taken within the EU and its northern sorroundings. In order to aid decision-makers to turn the northern visions into northern actions, the authors have produced a report concentrating on the energy sector, which is one of the strategic issues relevant to the EU`s relations with Russia.

    Moreover, the geographical location and the approaching EU membership of the Baltic States requires special attention since a considerable share of the Russian energy is transported through the Baltics.

    By studuying the energy sector in the Baltic States and in Russia, the scholars aim at energizising the execution of the northern dimension, since linking the Russian energy resources to the energy consumption of the Union is a strategic issue for the EU, the Baltic States and Russia.

    This report has been divided into three main parts. In the first section, professor Kari Liuhto deals with some strategic economic aspects concerning the implementation of the northern dimension. In the second part, professor Alari Purju analyses the energy sector in the Baltic States. The report ends with the article written by assistant Pekka Itämeri who describes the EU´s and Russia´s energy balance.

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